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World Metrology Day event

The National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI) of Argentina will be organizing a World Metrology Day 2014 event entitled “Measurements and the global energy challenge".

The program covers the areas of:

  • Metrological demands of the energy sector,
  • Traceability in electrical measurements,
  • Metrology of natural gas in Argentina,
  • Quality infrastructure for solar thermal energy, and
  • Pilot project of smart grids.

The event will be held on May 26 at the INTI headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the program can be downloaded here.


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World Metrology Day event

Azerbaijan NMI will be organizing a conference on World Metrology Day on 20 May 2014.

The theme of the conference is “Measurements and the global energy challenge”. The event will be broadcasted on the republican television and the information will be placed in the media.

For more information (in Russian), click here


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NMI Awards

In recognition of World Metrology Day, in 2008 NMI created two perpetual awards:

  • the Barry Inglis Medal (PDF) is an annual award that acknowledges and celebrates outstanding achievement in measurement research and/or excellence in practical measurements by an individual (or group) in the fields of academia, research or industry in Australia. This achievement may be in the form of a single major contribution or a body of work developed throughout a career. The medal is named in honour of Dr Barry Inglis, NMI's inaugural Chief Executive and Chief Metrologist. Prior to taking up this position, Dr Inglis was the Director of CSIRO's National Measurement Laboratory;
  • the NMI Prize (PDF) is an annual award that acknowledges and celebrates outstanding achievement in measurement research and/or excellence in practical measurements by a young individual working in academia, research or industry in Australia. This prize is reserved specifically for nomination by young Australians as a means of promoting measurement science and fostering the application of measurement science and techniques in innovative fields.

For more information, please visit the NMI website.


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Stakeholders' workshop and laboratory tour

SMD, the National Standards Service of the Belgian Federal Public Service Economy organizes each year, for World Metrology Day, a stakeholders’ workshop followed by a visit of the laboratories. This year, the event entitled "Measurements and the global energy challenge" will take place in Brussels on Friday, May 23.

Talks, given both by metrologists and stakeholders, will cover:

  • Metrology for Smart Electrical Grids;
  • Metrology for safe & sustainable nuclear power;
  • Nanometrology for renewable energy sources.

For more information and workshop registration, please visit our webpage.


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INMETRO celebrates World Metrology Day

On the occasion of World Metrology Day2014, the Brazilian National Metrology Institute, Inmetro, will join theinternational community to celebrate the event and discuss the theme“Measurements and the global energy challenge”.

Actions in this regard include lectures,visits to Inmetro’s laboratories, and the production and distribution ofpromotional material to raise awareness of metrology across the country,including the educational community.

The main event will be held on May 19,2014 at Inmetro’s facilities in Rio de Janeiro and other related events will beorganized across the country throughout this year.

Join us in celebrating World MetrologyDay!


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Colombia celebrates World Metrology Day

El día 20 de mayo se celebra el Día Mundial de la Metrología, apuntando al tema definido para el presente año LAS MEDICIONES Y EL DESAFÍO ENERGÉTICO GLOBAL, el Instituto Nacional de Metrología de Colombia – INM, ha desarrollado un programa con el cual pretende compartir experiencias frente al conocimiento metrológico, para esto se cuenta con invitados extranjeros y científicos del propio INM, igualmente habrá una jornada de puertas abiertas, permitiendo el acceso a los laboratorios.

Mayor información en:


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Cuba celebrates World Metrology Day

A celebration of World Metrology Day was organized by the ONN (Oficina Nacional de Normalizacion) in Cuba. To download the press coverage of the event, please click here.


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NIS annual event

NIS, the Egyptian National Institute for Standards, celebrates World Metrology Day annually by organizing a major event. This year the event is entitled "Measurements and the global energy challenge", and will take place at NIS on 20 May.

During this one-day event several talks will be given by NIS scientists, followed by a guided tour around the laboratories. The objective will be the interaction between visitors and NIS staff to raise awareness of the importance of metrology especially in the field of energy which is the theme of this year.

Articles, brochures and case studies will be available to all guests as well as posters and banners which will be displayed in many places within the country to increase public awareness.

The WMD Press Release and the BIPM and BIML Directors’ messages will be translated into Arabic and published on NIS website and partially in some daily newspapers and TV channels.

A short film on NIS activities will also be presented during this day.


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National Metrology Institute of Ethiopia

The National Metrology Institute of Ethiopia will celebrate World Metrology Day on 20 May 2014 with different programs and the opening speech will be given by the Ethiopian Science and Technology Ministry Minster.

The theme of the year has a special bond for Ethiopia, because energy related activities are included in the country's five year growth and transformation plan. And the government is working hard in the field of environmentally friendly energy resources.

For detailed information, please download the PDF document.



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World Metrology Day

World Metrology day will be celebrated in collaboration with The Gambia Standards Bureau.

The following events will be held:

  • a Radio talk show on May 20th 2014, and
  • a sensitization and Stakeholder- engagement wrokshop on Tuesday May 27th 2014.

The Theme "Measurement and the Global Energy Challenges" is maintained as the National Theme.


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5th Braunschweig QI Days

"Braunschweig QI Days" is the central event of PTB's Technical Cooperation Department when it comes to issues relating to development policy. "QI" (short for "Quality Infrastructure") is the core subject of PTB's technical assistance on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and other international donors.

"Braunschweig QI Days" will present the concept of "planetary boundaries" and look for its implications for a quality infrastructure in developing countries and countries in transition. For more information, download the PDF file or visit the PTB website.


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IMEKO celebrates World Metrology Day

IMEKO, the International Measurement Confederation, has prepared and published a special issue of its electronic open access journal "Acta IMEKO". Nine papers from previous IMEKO World Congresses between 1967 and 1988 have been selected for this issue dedicated to the World Metrology Day 2014.

All papers are re-published with the original content in the modern journal layout for better readability and availability in electronic form. The contributions cover different aspects of measurement ranging from basic ideas to industrial automation, instrument design, and artificial intelligence.

For more information:

IMEKO: www.imeko.org
Acta IMEKO: acta.imeko.org/index.php/acta-imeko/issue/current

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World Metrology Day in Bangalore, India

On 20th May 2014, the Central Manufacturing Technology Institute, CMTI and Metrology Society of India Southern Region, MSI-SR are celebrating World Metrology Day at CMTI to commemorate the anniversary of the signing of the Metre convention on 20th May 1875.

The theme for 2014 is "Measurements and the Global Energy challenge". The event will be held on 20th May 2014 at CMTI, Bangalore.

Talks given by metrologists include:

  • Contributions of Metrology in Meeting Technological  Challenges
  • Metrology in space applications
  • Metrology: International and Local Issues
  • International Perspective on Metrology

The program can be downloaded here.


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To celebrate World Metrology Day 2014, INRIM and the Academy of Sciences of Torino are organizinge the international Workshop “Energy for life and the environment”.

The Workshop theme focuses on emerging fields where metrology can have a valuable impact on today's grand societal challenges.

Scientists from NMIs and Academia will meet with stakeholders to discuss:

  • food and feed metrology,
  • food security and traceability,
  • precision farming and agro-meteorology,
  • sustainability and environmental management.

The workshop is an early preview of the Universal Exposure Expo Milano 2015, which will be dedicated to the problems of nutrition and the resources of our planet.

Further information is available on this webpage.

To register for the Conference, please click here.


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CENAM Open Day

On the occasion of World Metrology Day 2014, in conjunction with its twentieth anniversary, CENAM will be offering visits to laboratories, talks on metrology, video projections, a check on the tree of Newton, display of measurement standards and access to the CENAM Library.

CENAM invites educational establishments, industry and the public to participate free of charge in this event to mark the theme of "Measurements and global energy challenge". For more information, download the PDF file in Spanish and the PDF file in English.

A review of the celebration including some pictures is published here.


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On the occasion of the 20th May WMD, the Mongolian Agency for Standardization and Metrology Mongolia (MASM) and its 20 local branches are announcing a campaign for one month advertising Metrology roles on the daily life.

The WMD Press Release and the BIPM and BIML Directors’ messages are translated into Mongolian and other related information is published on the MASM website and partially in some daily newspapers and also sent to MASM province’s local branches.

On 19 May, MASM will organize a seminar entitled “Measurements and the global energy challenge”, collaborating with the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB Germany), the Ministry of Energy, the 4th Power plant, the Mongolian University of Science and Technology and some energy sectors.

20 province’s local branches of MASM are providing “Open day” event, seminars, training, and sport events for customers during the campaign.

For further information, download the PDF file.


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Justervesenet, The Norwegian Metrology Service, celebrated World Metrology Day

To celebrate World Metrology Day 2014, Justervesenet informed the readers of their website about this year's theme “Measurements and the global energy challenge”, and about the connection to the Meter Convention and the SI Units. They also sent out a press release and linked to the WMD website.

For more information, click here.


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World Metrology Day 2014 in Palestine

Because of the positive outcome of the participation in celebrating World Metrology Day in 2013 that led to raising the level of awareness among students in Palestinian universities we decided in Palestine to participate again in the celebration of World Metrology Day this year by holding training workshops for teachers, technicians and engineers in schools and vocational centers to educate them about the importance of Metrology in technical fields and in turn educating students in their schools in this area.

This activity will arranged and organized by the National Measurement Directorate / Palestine Standards Institution ( PSI )


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World Metrology Day 2014 in Poland

Next week, on 20th May 2014 the National Metrology Institute in Poland (Central Office of Measures - GUM) with the support of the Polish Ministry of the Economy, is organizing a celebration of World Metrology Day. This year the holiday of all metrologists will be celebrated together with the of 95th anniversary of GUM.

On the agenda of the ceremony are included interesting and topical lectures in the field of present metrology:

  • Metrology in Europe,
  • International cooperation in metrology. The role of the OIML,
  • GUM’s contribution to the International Metrology in Chemistry Programme at the BIPM,
  • Opportunities for European Metrology Development.

The lectures will be delivered by guests from international metrology organizations.

Participants will also have an occasion to hear lectures on Chemical measurements and new energy technologies.

At the end of the ceremony, employees of Polish measurement administration will be decorated with state orders by the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy of the Republic of Poland Mr. Janusz Piechociński.

More details (in Polish) can be found on the COM’s website.

2014-05-22: A report can be found here.


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Russian Federation (VNIIM)


To mark the 2014 World Metrology Day, the Russian Institute of Metrology (VNIIM, St. Petersburg) is hosting the following events in line with the theme of this year "Measurements and the global energy challenge":

  • The VII Scientific and Technical Conference “Metrology – Measurements – Monitoring of the electrical energy quality”, May 13-17, St. Petersburg,
  • The V International Scientific and Practical Conference “Energy saving in heat and gas supply systems. Energy efficiency improving”, May 27-29, St. Petersburg.

VNIIM will take part in the X Moscow International Innovative Forum and Exhibition “Precision measurements - the basis of quality and safety”, May 20-22, Moscow.

We have also updated the World Metrology Day section of our website: http://www.vniim.ru/day-metrology.html.


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Russian Federation
(Moscow International Forum)


10th Anniversary: Moscow International Forum

In conjunction with World Metrology Day (20-22 May 2014), the 10th Anniversary of the Moscow International Forum is being celebrated.

The theme is "Precise measurements - the basis of the quality and safety", in support of the state policy in the field of modernization and technological development of the Russian economy. For more information, please visit the event website.


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Saint Lucia


World Metrology Day Live Radio Broadcast from Saint Lucia

The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards (SLBS)  joins the global community to mark World Metrology Day on Tuesday 20th May. This year’s theme is “Measurements and the global energy challenge".

In a joint release, the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) and the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) stated that “the world is facing a growing global energy challenge over the coming decades. The crux of the problem is the growing energy demand, particularly from the emerging nations, coupled with the need to limit or reduce greenhouse gases. Add in the desire to have diversity and security of supply and the increasing costs to extract fossil fuels, and we see the trend is for a greater mix of energy sources, including renewables. Diversification, combined with demands for improvements in efficiency of energy generation, transmission and use, mean that technology is constantly being pushed to the limit.”

For our part in Saint Lucia, the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards, through interventions by the Metrology Department, is impacting the energy challenge with programmes which regulate instruments used to measure sources of energy such as fuel and electricity through the use of fuel dispensers and electrical energy meters respectively.

These programmes focus primarily to assess the accuracy of measuring instruments to ensure the consumer is getting value for money as well as efficiencies in the use as it relates to the programmes aimed at testing of energy efficient household appliances.

As part of activities to mark World Metrology Day the SLBS will conduct an awareness activity in conjunction with the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Energy, Science & Technology. This WMD 2014 awareness activity will be a live broadcast on the national radio station, Radio Saint Lucia (RSL 97), on May 20, 2014 from 12:30 UTC to 14:00 UTC. Listeners from around the world can listen and participate in this programme through RSL 97’s live audio streaming on www.rslonline.com  and can submit comments during the activity by e-mail to live@rslonline.com or by calling their landline at  +1758 4523959.   A recording of the radio broadcast will be available for download from the radio station’s website at www.rslonline.com/index.php/podcast.



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Saudi Arabia


WMD 2014 in Saudi Arabia

This year`s event is the fifth edition since 2010. The Saudi Quality Council, under the official sponsorship of His Excellency the Governor of the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO), is organizing the Fifth Measurement Forum on 20 May 2014, in line with the theme of this year “Measurements and the global energy challenge”.

Brief highlights:

  1. Venue: Lazurde - Park Hyatt Jeddah (convention Center)

  2. Sponsors:
    • Saudi Specialized Laboratories Co. (Motabaqah) (Diamond)
    • Fluke Calibration (Platinum)
    • Mejdaf Group for Trading (Platinum)

  3. Keynote Speakers:
    • Eng. Mourad BEN HASSINE (Chairperson of AFRIMETS, Intra-Africa Metrology System)
    • Dr. Khalid ALNEMER (Cardiology Consultant)
    • Dr. Loay ALHADHRAMI (Manger, Engineering Research Center, King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals)
    • Bill Gaviria (Regional Product Manager - Fluke Calibration)

  4. The Program will include three sessions with three speeches for each; the main topics will be in line with the WMD theme.

  5. A special web page about the event will be launched with different resources of information about metrology concepts and application.

  6. The National lab is going to participate with a speech about its evolution.

  7. The invitation has been posted on the SQC web site.

We wish everyone a successful and happy WMD every year.


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Journée Mondiale de la Métrologie

Le Sénégal à l’instar de la communauté internationale va célébrer la Journée Mondiale de la Métrologie qui se tiendra à l'hôtel le Ndiambour le 20 mai 2014. A cet effet, une réunion préparatoire s’est tenue à la direction du Commerce Intérieur dont un procès verbal a été dressé. Pour plus d'informations, télécharger le fichier PDF.


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Conference and Open House  

The National Metrology Centre (NMC) will organize a World Metrology Day 2014 Conference and Open House on 21 May 2014.

The speakers at this Conference will cover:

  • the energy market and challenges,
  • optical metrology and pressure/flow metrology for the energy industry,
  • HSA’s Proficiency Testing and External Quality Assessment Programmes,
  • NMC’s Measurement Assurance Programme, and
  • sharing experiences on participation in NMC’s Proficiency Tests.

Attendees will have the golden opportunity to visit NMC’s metrology laboratories during the Open House session, interact with NMC’s  metrologists and obtain insightful information from the exhibits by industry partners. This event will also provide a useful platform for the measurement community to network and forge business partnerships.

For more information, please download the PDF file in English. To register for the Conference, please click here.


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Seminar and laboratory tour visit

Centro Español de Metrología (CEM) in collaboration with Asociación Española para la Calidad (AEC) on the occasion of World Metrology Day 2014 will organize a Seminar entitled: “ Metrology like support of quality”  and visits to laboratories on 20 May 2014.

The speakers at this Seminar will cover:

  • How choose suitable measuring instruments to control products
  • Errors, uncertainties and conformity assessments
  • Metrological management processes in industry
  • Challenges in metrology  for Spanish industry
  • Metrological goals and difficulties in the measurements and billing of electrical energy. Smart meters
  • New European regulatory framework for measuring instruments and metrological challenges for industry
  • Metrological traceability and accreditation

CEM and AEC invites everyone interested in the science of measure to participate free of charge in this event.

Presentations will be available in the AEC and CEM websitess after the seminar

For more information, and register for the seminar, please click here.


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Sri Lanka


Workshop on “Measurements & the Global Energy Challenge” - 20 May, 2014

Organized by the Section E1 of the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science in collaboration with the Dept. of Physics, USJP

The Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science, together with the Department of Physics, University of Sri Jayewardenepura (USJP) organized a workshop to commemorate World Metrology Day on 20 May 2014. The workshop was aligned with the global theme “Measurements & the Global Energy Challenge”, under the encouragement of the BIPM and the OIML.

The event brought together university students, researchers, academics and industry experts around the country. The workshop resulted in a lot of discussion and helped spread awareness on the field of metrology, and was greatly appreciated by the participants. It was sponsored by Cleanco Lanka Ltd, Fashion holdings (pvt) Ltd and the Hirdaramanie group of companies.

For the program and photos, click here.


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A l’instar des Instituts Nationaux de Métrologie dans plus de 80 pays, l’Agence Nationale de Métrologie « ANM » célèbre cette année la Journée Mondiale de la Métrologie.

A cette occasion, un séminaire est organisé par l’ANM, sous l’égide du Ministère du Commerce et de l’Artisanat, avec la collaboration du Technopôle de Borj Cedria,  précisément avec le Centre de recherches et des technologies de l’énergie (CRTEn), ainsi que la participation de l’Agence Nationale de Maitrise de l’Energie (ANME), les laboratoires et organismes nationaux représentant l’ensemble des parties prenantes dans le secteur de l’énergie en l’occurrence la STEG Energie Renouvelables, le CETIME, la SOTRAPIL, le CTMCCV, l’INNORPI, le Laboratoire National  DEFNAT,  l’INSAT et l’Organisation de Défense du Consommateur (ODC) en tant que représentant de la société civile.

Pour de plus amples informations, téléchargez le programme et le document d'informations.

Nouveau au 2014-07-02 : Lisez le rapport complet du Séminaire


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Turkish Republic Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and TÜBITAK National Metrology Institute (UME)

A celebration of World Metrology Day will take place at TÜBİTAK UME from 09:00 to 16:00 on 20 May 2014.

Two invited speakers will give presentations:

  • The Assistant of Associate Professor Dr. Serhat İKİZOĞLU from İstanbul Technical University will talk about Metrology, and
  • Prof. Dr. Muğdeşem TANRIÖVEN from Yıldız Technical University will give a presentation on “Strategies, Opportunities & Obstacles of Solution in Global Energy”.

Following the presentations, awards for the poster competition on “True Measurement: Solution to Global Energy Issues” and for a running race competition will be made. Next, a play on the subject of “Energy and Civilization” by Dr. Muhsin MAZMAN and Fatma MAZMAN METE will be performed. Finally, there will be visits to “Measurement Park” and Laboratory.

400 participants from public organizations, universities, primary and secondary schools are invited to celebrate World Metrology Day.


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United Kingdom (NEL)


NEL Webinar: The Impact of Uncertainty on Industrial Flow Measurement

To help celebrate World Metrology Day on Tuesday 20 May, NEL, one of the UK’s National Measurement Institutes and the custodian of the UK’s National Standard of Flow Measurement, is running a webinar "The Impact of Uncertainty on Industrial Flow Measurement".

No measurement is ever completely exact; there is always a degree of doubt about its accuracy. This degree of doubt is quantified by the uncertainty. The effects of measurement uncertainty manifest themselves across all industrial sectors, resulting in significant financial exposure. In the field of flow measurement, measurement uncertainty is particularly important when the fluid being metered is of high value where small errors in flow measurement could potentially cost the operator large amounts of money.

NEL will deliver this free webinar to explain the importance of uncertainty in flow measurement and suggest methods of evaluating and minimising measurement errors.

Find out more at: www.tuvnel.com/tuvnel/webinars


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United Kingdom (NMO)


NMO Newsletter

NMO has included information on the 2014 World Metrology Day in its Newsletter No. 16 which can be downloaded here.


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United Kingdom (NPL)


NPL Open House

NPL is the UK's National Measurement Institute and is one of the UK's leading science and research facilities. On 20 May 2014, NPL Open House will give people the chance to explore much of the science that goes on at NPL and the facilities that are used to do it, marking World Metrology Day. Find out much more at www.npl.co.uk/open-house.


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United Kingdom
(University of Huddersfield)


3M Buckley Innovation Centre Open House

The University of Huddersfield will be celebrating World Metrology Day this year by joining forces with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre (3M BIC).

The 3M BIC will be opening its doors on Tuesday 20 May from 2-6pm and visitors will have the opportunity to tour science laboratories and see metrology experiments and research in action. NPL and the University of Huddersfield will be hosting a series of short lectures between 2.30pm and 4.30pm which examine the relevance of metrology in business including:

  • “Profitable manufacturing through improved measurement”,
  • “Developing instrumentation for the next generation of surface measurement challenges”,
  • “The significance to industry of the measurement of flow diagnostics”.

World-leading measurement technology companies including Faro, Hexagon Metrology, Nikon, Renishaw and Taylor Hobson will also be on hand to answer questions and demonstrate metrology equipment.

The event is free and doors will open from 2pm-6pm. To register, visit www.3mbic.com/event/world-metrology-day-open-house-2014/.


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United States


Message from NIST

The theme of this year’s World Metrology Day, “Measurements and the Global Energy Challenge”, speaks to one of the defining issues of our time. One that is as far-reaching as any challenge we have ever faced. Keeping pace with our ever-growing energy needs while protecting our environment will require a host of new technologies, and those technologies depend on a robust system of measurement and calibration if they are to be built and used economically and maintained in good working order.

Find out more about NIST's activities in this field by downloading the PDF file.


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